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How To Use Your Solia Professional Ceramic Ion Flat Iron

A Solia level iron will give you the straightest, shiniest and most delightfully smooth hair. Not in the least does the Ceramic/Tourmaline plates of a Solia level iron convey heat uniformly, the Solia Dynamic Alignment System assists with guaranteeing ideal contact between your hair and plates. Here are a few ways to utilize your Solia hair straightener.


To start with, conclude what temperature is best for your hair: a lower setting is ideal on the off chance that your hair is blanched, delicate, or harmed; utilize a higher setting assuming that your hair is coarse of thick. In the event that you don’t know what intensity setting to use on your Solia ceramic level iron, then you ought to attempt a lower setting first: it’s a lot more straightforward to re-try your hair with a higher temperature than it is to un-cause heat harm. The Solia artistic hair straightener accompanies a simple to utilize temperature control that can be set from 140F to 450F.


Then, plug it in a hang tight for the Solia level iron to arrive at the ideal temperature. Try not to utilize the hair straightener until it’s at the right Copen Grand Price . You will not need to stand by lengthy, a wide range of Solia ceramic level irons require around 30 seconds to warm up.


Dry your hair completely utilizing a towel and tapping it level and in a keep. Doing this will assist with keeping it delicate and sensible.


Blow-dry your hair: your hair should be entirely dry before you utilize your Solia level iron.


Use hair oils or smoothing serum to safeguard your hair. Level irons, similar to hair dryers, subject your hair to high temperatures that can cause hair harm. Utilizing a decent quality serum will safeguard it and it truly is a misleading economy to purchase a decent quality Solia level iron however utilize an inferior quality hair serum. Most hair defenders are applied to completely dry hair before you utilize a level iron. Peruse the producers guidelines and observe them.


Presently you can start to utilize your Solia artistic level iron. The most famous Solia level irons accompany plate widths of 1 1/4 or 1 3/4 inches. It doesn’t make any difference what size plates or what model of Solia level iron you use, the standards continue as before. Begin by lifting the hair up mostly up gather your head and sticking together the top layers far removed, to uncover the hair under.


Draw a meager piece of your hair through the plates. Use segment cuts, assuming you have them. Partition your hair into segments no more extensive than the warming plates of the Solia iron, and fix cuts no thicker than a portion of the width of your warming plates. By working with little areas and cuts, you can apply the intensity equitably, and will get the ideal straightness quick.


Never stop waist while utilizing your Solia level iron. You ought to constantly keep the plates moving. In the event that you stop along a part of hair, you risk heat harm.


Fixing the rear of your hair can be troublesome. There is no simple arrangement; careful discipline brings about promising results. Notwithstanding, it can help on the off chance that you put two mirrors on the inclining so you can see the rear of your head. Take the cut areas of your hair out. Begin at the lower part of your head – the neck or scruff region and slowly work your direction to the crown of your head.


At long last, don’t utilize your Solia fired level iron ordinary – the more you use, the more you subject you hair to high temperatures, consequently causing heat harm. At the point when you get its hang, you hair ought to stay straight, gleaming and wonderful for quite a long time.

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