New Interior Design Methods Make Use of Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering has become one of the more popular negozio lampadari pescara decorating mediums over the last few years. The main reason for this is that the lettering is very versatile, and can be used to decorate walls, picture frames, mirrors, glass, ceramics, wood, and pretty much any other surface you can imagine.

While vinyl lettering is great, many people wonder how to use it, and where to purchase it. Many common department, and craft stores are now carrying vinyl wall lettering for home décor, however their selection is often limited. Generally, there is a much better selection available online, at websites that specialize in selling vinyl lettering for home décor. Also, when you order it online, you can get the lettering customized to suit your particular tastes, or style. You can also order it in a color that matches your existing décor, while lettering in department stores may be limited in color choices.

As for the application of vinyl lettering to create unique home décor, there are virtually unlimited ways that vinyl letters can be utilized in your interior design. Some of the more common ways are wall lettering, wooden blocks, wooden signs, decorative ceramic tiles, mirrors, glass, and ceramic plates.

Wall lettering is achieved by affixing the vinyl lettering directly to the walls of your home. The finished product looks like the letters were hand painted on the walls, but vinyl offers a few distinct advantages over paint. First, it’s a lot easier, with no messy cleanup. Secondly, it’s much faster, most designs take less than 10 minutes to install. Thirdly, it’s a lot less expensive. These are likely the reasons that vinyl lettering has become so popular with interior designers over the past years.

Wooden blocks make great décor pieces for entry way tables, fireplace mantles, kitchen counters, and just about anywhere you can imagine. They are made by taking wooden blocks, either square, or oddly shaped, and then adding paint and vinyl lettering to turn them into a stackable sign.

Rustic wooden signs are also another common décor item that is easy to create with vinyl letters. Take a regular wooden board, about an inch thick, and 6 inches tall x 24 inches long, add some paint, and some custom vinyl sign lettering, and you have a finished décor piece that can really add charm to any room in your home. By ordering your vinyl sign lettering online you can have it customized, to feature a family name, etc. These custom vintage signs make great wedding or anniversary gifts. They’re inexpensive, and the custom nature of the product lets the recipient know that you put some thought into the gift.

Another great home décor project that utilizes vinyl letters are decorative ceramic tiles. Take a plain ceramic tile from any home improvement or tile store, add a square design from vinyl letters, and you have a great, and inexpensive home décor piece that is sure to get attention. Decorative ceramic tiles are also great holiday décor pieces, and many vinyl lettering companies, such as Wall Stamps, have holiday specific tile kits that you can purchase.

Custom clocks are another way that interior decorators have been using vinyl lettering in home décor. Take a round piece of plywood, affix a clock kit to it, paint it, and add some vinyl lettering, and you have a custom, vintage clock that would cost hundreds of dollars at a interior décor store. By creating it yourself, you can make it for around $20, and save yourself a lot of money.

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