Laptops have been become a cliché over the past three years all over the world. Most people nowadays prefer laptop to desktop. A vast proportion of the laptop users are students and professionals. Professionals generally prefer high end models. But students are left the in the middle range and hence choosing a laptop that will suit them becomes a challenging task because of so many giants present in the industry.

The various brands of laptops that are present in the market now are LG, Asus, ACI, HP, Acer,Lenovo, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Gigabyte, Zenith, Compaq, HCL, Sony, Dell, iBall and many others. Students generally use laptops to play games, watch movies and also some constructive purposes such as creating application, writing documents, etc. Hence students will need high definition graphics because the computer gaming industry in at the peak right now. They will also need efficient speaker systems for watching movies and hearing songs. hp pavilion ryzen 5 5600h  Also the power consumption of the laptops must be taken into account. A student will usually take his laptop to college and might use it for a day fully. Hence the battery in the laptop must hold for at least twelve hours. A HP laptop model comes with Intel 2.16 GHz Pentium Dual Core Mobile Processor, 3 GB RAM which is upgradeable upto 8 GB and 250 GB HDD. It has a DVD Writer, 14.1-inch display, integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD video card, integrated modem and sound card, Wifi, Touchpad mouse and inbuilt speakers. It comes with interfaces like Express Card slot, 3 USB ports, infrared port and 5 in 1 Digital Media Reader. The laptop comes with fingerprint reader and an inbuilt webcam and few other features too. All this for just 35,500. No, this is not the only laptop with so many features at so low cost..

Hence its really hard time to compare the laptops that will be suited for students. But the below link helps one to compare all the existing laptops in every aspect one student will want to compare and thereby enhancing the chances of he/she getting the best model that would suit him/her.


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