Top 4 Shared Office Spaces in Singapore of Your Dreams

Whether you need a shared office space, meet with clients, or a hot desk for your side hustle, Singapore’s great range of coworking spaces have you covered. Wi-fi may be free for all, but it is the infrastructure of the shared office that set the top 4 apart. Small and ambitious businesses will never go wrong with these top 4.

1. WeWork

Known for its global network of stylish and supportive coworking spaces, WeWork is a big player in the Lion City. Its 10 locations are all just what you would expect of WeWork: airy, well-equipped, replete with office services, and of course, lots of good coffee. WeWork is always a reliable name for solopreneurs, startups, and small operations where can i buy cbd gummies for pain in search of a work base.

2. Gather Cowork

Located near the CBD, Gather Cowork caters to businesses with anywhere from 3 to 40 staff. Its main aim is to provide community that inspires work, along with a fully equipped, professional environment. This makes it a great place for small operations to set up shop, and to feel confident hosting meetings and events. Fully furnished and bespoke offices are in place, along with a range of services including reception, mail handling, regular housekeeping, and even showers.

3. The Work Project (Collective Works)

Collective Works, commanding great views from the Capital Tower in the CBD, caters to status-conscious types seeking a premium environment. As of April 2019 it’s become The Work Project Capital Tower, making it part of a larger network. The office is in a landmark building, with 50,000 square feet of new coworking spaces and offices, an Exclusive Business Club, and ultra-modern technology.

4. Found8

Popular spaces Collision 8 and Found merged forces to share a vision of coworking spaces for innovators. The facilities have hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. These venues have a track record of helping innovative companies grow, and are tied in with various global networks. In addition to expected office facilities and the strong business focus, Found8 boast large and impressive event spaces.

Overall, these 4 top shared office spaces in Singapore will are very condusive to work in. Most people do not like to work in their own home because of the environment that does not encourage productivity. In fact, there is even chances that you will end up doing other tasks apart from the work itself. Therefore, it is highly encouraged to consider using coworking spaces.

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