Top 7 Sign Products For Your Real Estate Agency

Signage has been an essential part of the real estate industry for a very long time. For an agent to be successful, they have to take advantage of the power of signage. Here are some of the most-popular products purchased by real estate agencies and why they work for Newport Residences this specific industry:


    1. Yard Signs – Obviously, yard signs are the number one product for real estate agents. A yard sign should be placed in front of each and every listing, as this builds credibility and a positive reputation (as people begin to see the same agent’s signs all over town).


    1. Car Magnets – Car magnets are a great choice for real estate agents because they are easy to remove. If you happen to take a client’s car to a house, or if you switch vehicles with a spouse, you can easily remove your magnets and place them onto whatever vehicle you choose.


    1. Car Window Decals – This product provides great “bang for your buck.” Car window decals are slightly more-expensive than, say, magnetic signs, but they are much more visible as they are at customer’s eye level, right in front of them as they follow behind your vehicle. You have lots of room to list your contact information as well.


    1. Car Graphics – If you want your agency vehicle to have a completely-custom look, consider wrapping it in full-scale car graphics. These highly-unique, full-color vinyl wraps generate lots of attention for your business and help with the branding process.


    1. Window Graphics – If your agency office needs a little sprucing up, print custom window graphics for all your storefront windows. Choose from a variety of materials like vinyl decals, window clings, and even perforated one-way vision (which are see-through from inside). These can display your message along with a full-color design.


  1. Vinyl Banners – A unique way for a real estate agent to advertise is by using custom-printed banners. You can hang them in front of your agency to get attention, or print a welcome home banner to place in front of your clients’ new homes to greet them upon move-in.


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